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Why are you here today?

Maybe you are a new manager and you want to make a difference as a leader.

Perhaps you want to be a manager and you want to develop your leadership skills.

Potentially you have been dealing with a sensible high turnover rate in your team and your organization and you want to put a stop to it.

Possibly you have learned that leadership is a skill that you can learn and you want to take all the right steps to strengthen your position as team leader.

If you relate to any of this, it would be an honor to walk with you on this journey.

My name is Orphise Rodriguez and I have been working with managers and department heads for a couple of years as a recruiter, an HR Business Partner, and an HR Specialist in Switzerland and other parts of the world.

I found my job very rewarding and interesting, especially when I dealt with leaders who were interested to learn and grow. Those eager to ask for advice and direction are usually more successful. Why? Because they are constantly open for discussion. They know their strengths and their limits. On so many levels, I admire these people and I want to live up to their expectations.

When I worked with them as an HR representative as an employee, things were different. People came to the HR team with real questions and we were not always able to help because we didn’t have a roadmap to cultivate and retain employees in the long run. We had a recruitment team and an onboarding schedule but that was about it. How could we constantly motivate the troops and stand out as an employer of choice? This was not always clear!

Now I work as an HR consultant. I can’t pretend that I have all the answers. I don’t. Managing people is one of the hardest things anyone has to do in their career. That’s why we look up to successful people like Richard Branson, Simon Sinek, and other great thinkers who have figured out a way to inspire and motivate people. These leaders continue to impact millions and thousands of people around the world for their passion and dedication to helping others.

I am not Richard Branson or Simon Sinek, that’s for sure.

I do however have the passion to make this world a better place, especially for people who are worth investing in. You will come across people in your life who have exceptional values and they would like nothing more but to work with leaders who believe in them and trust them. Leaders who can bring out the best of them and who allow them to be themselves.

Managing people has a lot to do with diversity. We usually deal with people from different cultures, backgrounds, and personalities and we expect them to blend in with our organizational culture or team easily. It’s always easy because we all come with a different agenda. We don’t necessarily view the world through the same eyes either.

This is why we need to learn to work together, collaborate, and join forces so that we can work toward a common goal, especially when we work as a team! Also, we need to allow everyone to be their authentic self and help them grow individually and collectively at the same time.

This is why I developed a 5-step program to cultivate and retain exceptional employees for you and your organization.

What is the purpose of this program?

  • 1st step: The employee motivation system. Here, we will help you find the right talent and successfully integrate them into your team.
  • 2e step: The stress-free formula. Here we will look at the way you manage your time and team goals.
  • 3rd step: The transformational team. We will look at the way you define your core values, manage change, and handle resistance
  • 4th step: The team building system. Here we will look at the best way to handle difficult situations, office politics, transparency etc…
  • 5th and last step: The performance multiplier. We will implement a system to identify, report, and evaluate your successes & or failures to adapt, change, and improve things.

How long do you need to implement this program in your team or your organization?

This is a 9-month program where will meet regularly to implement every step of the model.

5 Steps Duration
The employee motivation system 2 months
The stress-free formula 1 month
The transformational team 2 months
The team building system 2 months
The performance multiplier 2 months

What do you get from working with me ?

  • 15 x 60 minutes of online coaching sessions in 9 months.
  • Workbook to help you implement all the different concepts and ideas into your own setting.
  • Availability to answer questions by email or over a quick phone call when necessary.
  • All the good vibes you need to gain more confidence in your leadership style.

What do I get from working with you?

I will learn so much from you and your area of expertise.

Just remember that you are the expert. You are the leader.

I am just here to make you better at what you already are!

I can’t wait to hear from you and see how we will benefit from working together.