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Event Overview

EVENT NAME Thriving Team
VENUE In your organization or off-site location
NUMBER OF ATTENDEES Up to 20 players
PREPARED BY Orphise Rodriguez, HR Consultant

Event Description

This workshop will get your team to solve work problems in a fun and informal way. We will use a game developed by Happy Brain Science called Choose Happiness@Work. This game was created to foster productivity, creativity, and happiness through the application of cutting-edge brain science.

Define your group goals

  • Team building
  • Get people to talk more openly about problems
  • Solve problems
  • Build morale and a happy culture
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Have fun
  • Other goals you might have


Work better together

Use fun, science-based tools to help your team communicate and connect.

Play your way to productivity

Research shows that happier brains are 12-25% more productive.

Impress your team

Make your next off-site meeting or brainstorming session a total hit

Proposed Program

Start Time End Time Activity
9:00 10:00 Discussion with Management to define group goals
10:00 10:15 Welcome participants into the room and set up cards on each table
10:15 10:20 Set and review the agenda and goals of the game with participants
10:20 10:25 Explain the rules and additional ground rules
10:30 11:15 Play Choose Happiness@work game
11:15 11:45 Debrief with participants (Q&A, sharing most interesting solutions)
11:45 12:00 Debrief with HR Consultant

What people say about Choose@Happiness at Work

"I was skeptical, but after just a few minutes we were talking and laughing—and yes, tears were shed. I’d recommend this tool to anyone who wants a happier team."

Liz Dahlager, Vice President of Sales & Marketing

"Choose Happiness @ Work was a resounding success. In fact, if our group's laughter disturbed any of our office members, I apologize – but my team really had fun. The game served as a great team building exercise, as well as an opportunity to touch on some of the 'soft responsibilities' that relate to solving problems at work."

Liz Dahlager, Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Queens University

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